Monday, May 14, 2012

日本料理 と わたし

But you know, I am sure one of the biggest factor why she won is because not only the topic was lighthearted and easily digested. It's because she looked like she was having fun while giving the speech. LOL She called it "auto teacher mode ON" I guess it's just in her to be who she is naturally, smiley and cute :D By winning this, she will be going to Japan twice this year!!! JEALOUS!!! LOL. and...she said we screamed damn loud when her name was called......ahahaha T_T sorry! auto mode also! friend win don't scream meh?!

p.s// damn unfair! wished my mom happy mom's day and all I got was a "thanks" but ah pek had a super long sms from her and stuff-_- ceh.