Wednesday, May 16, 2012

bulat strikes again

Yes, I carry a Rilakkuma bag to class.
Rushed,rushed to class because I am holding on to the presents for the Senseis (teachers) and Crystal needed time to wrap and stuff. Lead to me wearing my shirt .......terbalik-_- wearing my shirt the wrong way. I did not even realize and was sitting eating dinner with Crystal and Regina throughout. Till, Crystal mentioned it in a non-direct way.

"ne, I can see your shirt tag. Did you wear it wrong?"


In college, some friends purposely wore their jeans inside out as fashion but obviously I am gonna stick to the normal way. Thankyouverymuch.

And ah...rushed to get cake for Sensei's birthday but she wasn't in. LOL
Well, at least it's gonna be a surprise next day.

and yes, passed the test! Thank God. I hate tests. They make me forget everything at that point of time, even my own birthday-_-Don't know when am I gonna brace myself to take JLPT again.

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