Thursday, May 17, 2012

Foreign Love

Ever since SS2's DVD shop (one near KTZ) closed down, ms.Chan and I have been finding for another DVD shop to spend our money on -_- okay. that sounds silly LOL. But that was the only place we could sometimes find hidden treasures beneath everything. Well, that was how we found Amelie after randomly watching a few french / foreign movies in the cinema. Not to mention my whole lot of Japanese animation-_-'' Collected the whole lot of Satoshi's animations :D

Every time after eating at U.F.O, we would pass by this DVD shop next to the cybercafe. Don't know what made us enter this time around. But we did. And arh...LOL....spent money la what else!-_- Surprisingly, they sold foreign films! O_O considerably whole lot of them!

I was even more shocked when the owners (I assume) came and started recommending which movies are good to watch in ENGLISH-_- (sorry! LOL I think I hardly see DVD sellers talking in English, so I was like O_O) Well, they were rotating from english to cantonese to mandarin-_- meh. They were recommending non-stop was a lil..scary. LOL cause I tend to like cute (okay, ms.Chan scolded me for this. LOL cause I kept saying CUTE movies. actually what I meant was quirky movies) and she prefers fantasy, out of the world, dark humour kind but they were pushing mainly.......gore? thriller? psycho? LOL I was going crazy cause......I can't just ignore them?? O_O But ms.Chan was quietly, slowly but surely...moving away-_- kns.
Spent more than I expected-_- kns. LOL. Bought the above 4. Both french films I have already watched but would wanna keep a copy. I hope this time around my Amelie stays with me-_- People always borrow and it goes missing after that-_- meh. Japanese took by random cause I really gotta watch more Japanese films. Catching Jap Film Fest once a year at GSC doesn't work. Imprint is bought for my mom cause she likes psycho movies like that-_- If she likes this, guess will get the rest that the DVD sellers recommended.

ms.Chan bought Melancholia, The Artist, Kooky (which we missed at GSC), The Tin Drum and ar...more stuffs LOL. Will just grab from her when she's done. nyehehehehe* Wanted to get Hugo (must have missed it at GSC too) and hopefully they can restock the ones we wanted cause must keep a copy lar! (MicMacs, Delicatessen, Innocence...) LOL. I feel like I'm talking some alien language with all those movie titles. will be going to Europe soon. Wish I am going with her. Would love to breathe the air and suck in whatever they have, not just look and imagine through the TV and ar...soak my teeth into french desserts... LOL :D and I don't know, do what the french do. LOL laze around and be artsy-fartsy?

Hopefully got time to catch the coming French Film Fest at GSC. Ah pek thinks we are nuts to chase foreign films like this. I rather be watching these than watching let's say....DIE HARD 4 where it's allBOOMBOOM POW. bah.

Nah, for your viewing pleasure:P


  1. Why don't you just download movies from the internet than spending your money on Dvds? :P

  2. LOL not easy to find I guess?
    Or maybe I am just bad with IT related stuffs. So it's easier to buy :P

  3. Very cute blog you have here ;)