Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dark Shadows Movie

Johnny Depp makes me lose a few moments of breath every time I watch his movies. Not that I love his looks a lot but his characters are always somehow... charming *shy* 
I mean, honestly? Who the heck curses like this!?

"You may strategically place your wonderful lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly!"
I was going on and on and on to ah pek how much I love Johnny Depp in this movie till ah pek got jealous (although he tried to hide it horribly) LOL :D Guess he won't be watching it then.

Graphs clearly states how I feel overall. But I think it's still worth rm13 to watch it in the cinema. If people can pay to watch Twilight, definitely can/should pay for this. Oh! Let's not forget to stare at Bella Heathcote's eyes. want those eyes....*_*

Btw the family portrait from baby bro's convo is finally done (just in time for mother's day) and ms.chan said I looked like I had constipation or there's gold in my mouth that can't be shown to people-______- mom really looked like a superstar! and all she said was "Oh Thank God! at least next time when my great grandchildren see this photo, they will know how pretty and young their great grandma was!"
ms.Chan added "yea, and how stupid their grandaunt (aka me) looks like."

-__________- KNS.

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