Saturday, May 5, 2012

Movie Mania

Yes, random finger doodle. modeled after my friends, though they look much cuter in real life. LOL FTL.

....Can really never chase on par with the crowd T_T crazy.
But...I DID WATCH AVENGERS 3D today! wheeeee* LOL watched by mistake. *uh-hm*
But...but.....did not think it was thattttttt great *hides from all Avenger Die Hard fans* never really thought much bout the storyline though I did like each character individually. Each of them was as interesting and amusing as they should be. Mom would definitely still love Ironman and I will forever love Thor. Actually am not sure if I actually like him or just his hammer :D

or his voice....*hides*

Still prefer watching 2D I guess, spects on spects really takes a toll on my eyes AND nose-_-
Can I have my normal, not so much effects but great storyline movies back now?

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