Thursday, May 3, 2012

WANKO SOBA at Publika! nomnomnom*

Updated here!
Erm...Anyone wanna join me for this? *hides*  
Crystal asked me to join cause I submitted my speech late for this. So it's kinda my fault she is now alone in the finalist, giving the speech on stage in 9 days time instead of me and her together. Super high optimism level lor! Like mine will be confirm chosen mehhhhh *laughs*
Wanko Soba! Basically it's buckwheat noodles (soba) , a local cuisine of Iwate, served about a mouthful of noodles in a bowl. As soon as you finished it, a server will keep refilling it with another mouthful of noodles and will keep on doing it on repeat mode, and you will be eating on repeat mode till you cry YAMETEEEE!!! (okay, am kidding! don't say that if you are really joining! hahah I don't know if that is proper to do so!)

It's the FIRST ever in Malaysia and I am definitely looking forward to see it with my own eyes (not on youtube) as an audience....haha unless got some kind soul wanna jump onto the rocky boat of eating soba with me... *shiny eyes*

I guess it would be a good day to bring my dad since it's his birthday and he loves Japan...and...hmmm* maybe dad should join.....hmmm* maybe we can join as a family instead ....*brainwash him and baby brother later ngekngek*

ohmaigoose, the information I have on hand is more complete than whatever I found online-_-
Details, patiently typed by yours truly are as follows:

Venue : The Boulevard at Publika Shopping Gallery
Date : 20 May 2012

1. Wanko Challenge
Time : 2-6pm
Categories : Individual / Family / Corporate / Media (All team must consist of 3 members)
Entry Fees : RM10 per person, RM30 per team (Family & Media) and RM100 per team (Corporate) All entry donations will be in aid of survivors of Japan's Tohoku disaster.
*I read somewhere online that lady servers will be flown from Japan for this. 

2. Cultural Activities
Time : 11am - 9.30pm (Free Admission)
Yukata wearing workshop, Taketonbo (Bamboo Crafts), Japanese Hip Hop Dance, Japanese Traditional Dance, Japanese Traditional Music Perfonamce by Koto&Shakushi (and more)
*The last time I wore a yukata was at a Japanese Fair at Nikko Hotel. Worth! :D

3. Movie Screening by JFKL : WANKO~ The Story of Me, My Family and My Dog
 Date and Time : Please check JFKL

For more info :
Publika Management (03-6207 9246)
Email :
Ichiban Boshi (03-6203 2271)

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