Tuesday, November 10, 2009

our bond

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is through this ikan bakar at chow yang. (super old stolen pic :P)

i cannot describe how much the 3 of us love this fish. i also cannot describe how much i love the sourish onion chilli. i love it so much that despite the fact that i diarrhea the next day every time i eat this ikan bakar (it's cause it's too spicy until my tummy cannot take it, not the fish is bad) i still go back for more :D (yar, i say i can't described then i did-_-)

it's written all over our 3 faces that we love it to bits and pieces and it's now a tradition to celebrate there on mr.boxer's birthday-_- (2 years in a row considered enough to make it a tradition kan?)

it's been quite some time since i met them. sometimes i feel bad cause the way i talk to them can be a lil bit snotty. i really don't know why. it's a bad habit i have developed towards guys since secondary school when i found out how horrible they can be behind you. so i tend not to give face. i seriously have to work on this-_- bleah*

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