Thursday, November 12, 2009

4 hours of my life

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i seriously did not expect to catch Poker King....*laughs* but since somebody wants to *cough* ended up sitting in the cinema 4th row from the front. aiks. surprisingly it was not bad. maybe it has been some time since i caught a cantonese movie plus usually they are a disappointment. lucky this wasn't. i was also watching it in total blur until there was a point where they explained poker rules and i went "OHHHH" hahahaha straightaway got a whack on my head-_-' wathe-ef. for a comedy show i shall now declared that i cried-_- I CRIED. zzzz. cause i thought it was touching.....sigh* i need plasticine to block my tear duct or something.

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2012.......was Noah's ark in a high-tech version. *laughs* i don't know, it felt like any other disaster movie. main character always survive. go through all kinds of catastrophe....but seriously if this were to really happen. i really think that all we can do is wait for death. everything was happening so fast. i doubt there's much you can do. plus it is showed as real as it is.....only 'certain' people will have the chance to survive..-_-'' but it was touching at certain parts. you know that deep down in the end of the day, blood is thicker (redder?) than water.

also...cause your dear bulat here drank a lot of water.....her bladder was gonna burst towards the end of the movie where all the excitement is and the flood scenes weren't helping. ARGH*

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