Wednesday, November 11, 2009

congratulations ♥ ♥

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to the newly wed couple muarks*
thanks for letting me witness your first step to happily ever after.

my first time going for a wedding registration (yes i'm outdated) and i must tell of my most shocking experience. i did not know registration can be so...hmm*

alright i guess it was because of the lady in charge of reading the oath. she was so "selamba". like anything, whatever, so you guys are the 100000 thousand couple to be married here. ho-hum* let's get this done and over with attitude-_- sigh* amazing. plus she can suddenly say "the form is rm4 okay?" added with the ending highlight of "you wanna exchange rings? exchangelar!" (in malay- you mau tukar cincin, tukarlarh!)

maybe it is supposed to be like this. or maybe cause western shows have spoilt us all. so reality is kinda hard to accept. if it wasn't for pocky who cleared some stuffs. i would have more stuffs to say-_-

but the grand highlight of the whole event was the bridegroom.

"will you take ms.smiley as your lawful wedded wife?" (in bm)
he answered, "yeap!"
"aper yeapyeap!? cakap ya saya setuju" (what yeapyeap? say i do.)

HAHAHA cute-nyer.

and congratulations to myself-_- i did not know wedding ring is put into the right hand of the woman. wathe-effingpotatochips. where was i all these while?!-_- mars?! and...i followed my parents to their wedding resgistration. i was 2 LOL

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