Friday, November 13, 2009

my not that secret date

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did this yesterday night. how funny it is that today i did have a date. (at megamall, that zakura restaurant if anyone was there *clears throat*) it was confirmed the night before after the prediction and before i went to bed :D

and i meant everything i said bout him in my comment. he was really nice, humble and knowledgeable. maybe a bit of naughty sarcasm. hahah but mild lar :P plus he's wayyyy older. just the way i like men to be *LAUGHS*

had a nice i think, 1 hour of chat. although there were awkward stops but i'm sure it's because it's our first time meeting. he glowed when we were at the right topics :D plus, he said the magic words.

"would you like to have dessert?"

:D :D :D *paiseh*

laughs* my darling ms.mabuk i am not cheating on you. you are always my no.1
my dear sorpor cousin, don't kepo :P

p.s// baby bro cooked dinner :D zomg. fat-ness here i comings!

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