Sunday, November 29, 2009


i'm joining the club in 7 hours..
and i present to you

and yes, i was eating crab-_-

i also present the evidence why i diedie also will never let jelly touch my camera anymore! like using my own people to "belakang mari" (attack from behind)
sorry you have to suffer looking at my kanasai facial expressions. in repeat mode.
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and the "Death by Chocolate" cake minus the orchids cause ms.sexay hates them haha-_-''
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i thank my baobeis for the night.( i also thank everyone for waiting for me to finish my crab...see. i eat really slow right?-_-) i know you all do everything just for me to be happy and not expecting anything in return other then my smiles (and tears-_-)

you know i heart you all lotslots although i don't show it.
paiseh okay-_-

lastly, this is how much i love chocolate/desserts/sweet stuffs

p.s// i broke the plastic knife while cutting the cake-_- (shows imaginary muscles)
won't jinx my wish kan!? although it's the same wish every year

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