Friday, February 20, 2009

hello world!!

Night update:
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ngekngek. end up drinking one bottle-_- i don't know how ms.alcho rockstarr can finish the whole beer tower. all 7.5L of beer.

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and Slumdog Millionaire was gooooooood. it has shown India in a way i have never seen cause when you're on tour they don't exactly take you to see their lifestyle. just their tourist spots and i got a shock at one scene.

in the restaurant, they take up empty bottles from the bin. fill it with tap water, then glue the cap to make it look new. i almost fainted. imagine drinking so much mineral water in India cause you thought it's the safest water to drink. Think again ma'laday. Laughs*

also, sigh* it's fiction. i was thinking cannot be the main character can like the girl for soooo long and soooo loyal.

a bit the unbelievable lorh. sweats
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ms.pimple : "yeap. i decided to see the world!*POP*
woah. sunlight :D:D wheee~~"

okay the point is show that having a pimple on that spot makes wearing spects super difficult T_T berdisturban


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