Sunday, February 15, 2009

project 365.

cause my fav bloggers are doing it and i am a kiasu. hahahahaha :D

also because i am too lazy to actually type a whole string of sentences today which is odd cause by now i have actually strung a whole bunch already-_-

it's like "i'm sleepy and don't wanna talk", next thing you know it, your eyes are closed but your mouth keeps yapping away. hoo-ray. to the one sleeping next to you :D

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ms.sexay says, "let's cover up our eyebags ala cina style."

verdict : FAILED after many tries. this is the only one that she looks okay in and i don't bother bout my own cause i have my own life to care bout if i ever put a non decent photo of hers *laughs*

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ms.bulat the great picked up this amount of money while helping ms.sexay clean up her old apartment. i will never understand why people don't bother to pick up coins or take their change. every penny counts okay. i picked up a McD ice cream cone like this! :D now who's the kiamsiap queen. haha

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"let's go flea market and walkwalk"
"shopping arh?"
"no moneylarrrrr"
but can end up buying a plastic bag of clothes. girls arh i tell you. hor ms.sexay :D not my fault that the clothes are cheap and you look good in them. of coursela beli! what kind of friend am i if i stop you from buying cheap nice clothes?! you tell me now. it will be a sin! rm45 for a dress that looks nice on you leh! ANYONE would ask you to get it.

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"but..'s your favourite CD! i'm gonna cry..."
ms.prawn babe's oscar words when ms.sexay decided to give her CD to her as an early birthday present seeing that ms.prawn babe loves it to bits and pieces and it's only available in S'pore.

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cause all girls camwhore:D i had to put down buaya's phone call once i answered it cause suddenly ms.sexay chan decided we should camwhore and my phone was the only one that has camera-_- sorry buaya but girls camwhore session is anytime more precious then your call *Shock* im a badbad friend :D

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yay!! for once i look tall :D the most genius part is i don't have bluetooth to send the pics to the comp. so here they are, photos of the photos taken. so lame-_- my brother bear was like "jie, you really cannot be helped edy seriously."

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and yes. welcome to my stack of mamee monster that i stole from ms.sexay's house. leftovers from the party last night. yumyum :D midnight munches here i come. yeayea. diet always starts tmr. never starts.

omg a photo a day my buttlarh.

so many photos and darn a lot of sentences edy. i'm really a "zhi zha por" at heart sigh. forgive me please people for by now i have wasted 5 minutes of your time and few % of your eyesight.

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