Monday, February 23, 2009

wrong target?

yoga has a few poses that are actually good for sex. i don't know it's good cause it makes you better in poses or doing those few poses will make you have higher sex drive.

either way-_- why always when she mention, "this one is good for your sex life okay ladies."



hello. the rest are like aunties older women with experience okay. heck make that a hell looooooott of experience-_- should be telling them kan cause by now they are prolly sien and want to try something new-_-

i just wanna do my yoga for the sake of yoga-ing. okay however weird that sounds. okay for the sake that next time i wanna steal food from people's plate i got faster reflexes. watheforkandspoon.

anyway, the yoga instructor taught a lil belly dancing also.

i tell you.

all the aunties older women can shake better then me until the instructor was like, "estee do you know what is shake a not?!!! how are you gonna seduce your boyfriend like this if simple thing also cannot do?!"

maybe i owe her something in my past life, bullying me like this. sighsighsigh. if i can shake i won't have a degree in "coconut tree dancer at the backgrounds during karaoke sessions" larh. KNS.

but seriously while shaking and looking at yourself doing it at the big ass gym mirror while you are sweating like a pig from cardio is not a 'seducing' sight at all-_-

btw nah, the yoga pose that is supposedly good for sex or whatever.
Image Hosted by
the bridge pose that i actually knew since std 6 cause we had to learn it for cheerleading.

Yes. you heardread me right. ms.bulat here actually went for cheerleading HAHAHAHA

only to practice my bumbum off and caught chicken pox 3 days before sports day-_- so no cheerleading for me. was at home looking and feeling horribly sick (cause i remember mopiko got a shock of her life when she visited me... "not that bad lar" she said....well girls always lie, just for the sake LOL) reading R.L Stine, Francine Pascal, Archies and eating bland porridge everyday cause that was the only thing my dad knew how to cook and my mom was in Egpyt holiday-ing hahaha-_-

Oh erm...anywayyy...that pose above? nice feeling one. once you get the hang of it and close your eyes, maciam easy to sleep :D

kinda like it.


yalarh. i got problem-_-


  1. if u really fall asleep with that pose, i gonna respect u for god sake! lol

  2. aahahahahhaah : D
    but very shuang wan~ like when go swimming then just lie on the water : D