Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my blog sure got my photoslarh.


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this is what i do.
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when i have nbtd.
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snapping while driving and eating ice-cream at 11+pm.

sooo self syiok-lorh.

yesyes. i kept the lights on while driving if not very dark leh and if i flash, by all means everyone is welcome to my funeral. i accept chocolates if you guys think that flowers are a waste of cash.

but if one day i got into an accident, we all know why larh okay. just keep it down *shuush*

btw, 4th day McD ice-cream in a row-_- maciam addict liao.

and oh. time to cut hair-_- tooooo long for my liking.


  1. u siao ar? eating while driving plus cam whoring -,-

  2. i wan oso!!!!!! T___T ur way to McD damn near. i miss that 3 months kao kao. T____T

  3. hahaah yaaa i can teach you ah wai. camera at the top of the sterring wheel :D hahhahahahahaha

    Seee: D faster come back here stay with me. i also miss kicking someone in bed!