Monday, February 2, 2009

8th day of cny

i know i'm slow on the posts. from the looks of it. i might as well put a link to my facebook and behold, photos and videos galore. hahaha-_- sigh.

it has been a eatingeating mum mum cny. i have been eating non-stop. people always say that. trust me. i'm the genuine deal. i am really having dinners almost every single night. 6th lou sang and....i won't be surprised if there are more to come. haha-_- aiyoyo.

was at dragon-i where the food was surprisingly not bad but the price was ridiculously overpriced. sigh. the price you pay to get fat and happy once a year. least now my one card has like darn a lot of points extra (is this even supposed to be console!?)

the dinner was with my dad's longlong friend. they knew each other like wayyyyyy back. 30 + years? ...okay with simple maths, by now you know how old are they ahahahahah

"we are brothers, correct a not mr.teoh?!"

......i always laugh cause the skin colour itself shows otherwise if we are talking bout being blood related.

but all's good. we meet each other twice every year. once for cny. once for deepavali :D
food brings people close. alchohol brings the people even closer. this should be in "how to keep your friendship no.31"

food reviews later :P

anyway, the point is for a man who works in an investment bank with a really high ranking. seriously he can joke like nobody's business and he actually said "hah...know how to naughty edy ar" just cause i commented that his hair looks more then last year and now he looks younger and nicer. like wthefishbones. it's just complimenting. im innocent wei!

"wah you see now, i attract younger women. you careful dear"
, he said to his wife
who whacked him
*laughs even louder*
what kind of couple is this?! for goodness sake. i need to swallow my food wei.

and he really bullies her by saying a lot of sentences that really makes me teenager to a certain extend that i could not hold my tongue from slipping the sentence

"why you always bully her?!"

he gave me the most taken aback look and sputtered, "i'm bullying her?! are you sure young lady you know what are you talking bout?"

next thing i knew, he was feeding her soup.
"come darling, lemme feed you. this soup is really good."
" yummy right? come, have another spoon"

i laughed and said "you are making me eat my words right?"

"well, that's what you're thinking. i just love my wife. i do it sincerely from my heart"
, he gave me a cheeky look.

i just laughed, praying i really don't choke on my soup. his wife gave that happy smile that girls all give when they are happy but refuse to admit *laughs*

nice to see people married for 30+ years and yet have this kind of blissfulness.

makes my day sunny although it has been rainy.

on a plus note. fireworks for a full...God knows how long. i can hear 4 spots having fireworks..unfortunately the park covered most of it and i only can catch a glimpse of one. still :D *happyhappy*

and yes, 09' is a year for donations.

i seriously wanna see kennysia botak! see he rounder or me! :D hahahahha
ngekngek* drag pocky to donate with me since this year got extra angpao.

yes...he's indian but he gives us angpao. a lot some more-_- wthe.

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