Thursday, February 26, 2009

me time

it has been a long time since i did this.

i hopped into the car despite my mom making noise (so to calm her down, i lied bout my destination and made it up to her by banking in cheques) and drove to my once upon a time sanctuary.

gazed at the once familiar menu that now has gone through makeover and randomly ordered 2 flavours out of the whole lot.

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raspberry chocolate and raspberry :D

actually the waitress got the flavours wrong but she looks new and i think the last thing she needs is a complain-_-''

disciplined myself to actually finish my jap homework so i don't have to rush them on Saturday, 2 hours before class starts. rushing only made me hate the language-_- so i better stop doing it.

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while sitting there, i was texting ms.alcho rockstarr the whole time bout a not so decent topic while discussing our weekend plan, watching couples, families and friends drift in and out of the shop, trying to complete the homework without the help of my electronic dictionary, sipped my tea whenever my toes got cold, wiggle my feet together when the tea wasn't helping, went to the loo numerous times cause i am the queen of pee-_-, smiled unconsciously many times to the new waitress ( i hope i did not scare herlarh ahaha) and was trying not to hum too loudly together with whatever was being played.

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surprised that i finished my homework wayyyyyyyyyyyy earlier then expected, ran out in the drizzle rain, grabbed my unfinished loan book from ms.alcho rockstarr (now you guys know what i do when there's a red light as well other den sms-ing haha) and continued reading while kiamsiaply refilling the pot of tea with hot water (which is called Queen Tea in the menu :D) until it ran out of taste and colour.

rushed back home at 11+pm cause promised mom i will be home by then if not no more late nights for me...OR...she will just change the house padlock so i have to sleep outside-_-

no way jo'se.

but of course, must grab this one the way home :D

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grabbed one for mom also lar and brother's ex but looks like current again*laughs*

life's fat and good sometimes :D

Oh rain! time to sleep *heh heh*

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