Friday, February 6, 2009

movie #5 of o9'

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usBenjamin Bahtonnss!!!
omg i love the surname buttons! :D
bulat button :D:D:D

reviews tmr. seriously after a almost 3 hours movie, all you look fwd to is your bed plus just when you thought half the cinema is snoring away, in the middle of the movie, these lines came out.

"sleep with me"
said benjamin button.

suddenly there was an uproar of laughter-_- miieh


reviews. reviews. i'm bad with reviews. don't even know why i bother to. but other than the fact that i did not realize it was a 2 hours 46 minutes + 20 minutes of commercial movie which lead to a very gonna burst from pee punya bladder and stubbornly refuse to go to the loo cause too kiasu to miss any part of the movie, yea i was enjoying the movie due to my new found fact, brad pitt is seriously not bad looking.


yes. it took me THIS LONG to discover this already over known fact by almost every girl on this planet.

sigh. i'm slow. but i'm still loyal to johnny depp.

and i loveeeeeee cate's voice and slang :D i don't know why. i just love it.

okay back to the's really not bad. after having a horrible time from watching transporter's 3 "wthesoup" storyline, this is like soooo much better. maybe it will set you thinking a lil, living life in reverse and all....but actually in the end of the day it's the same. life goes on, growing, learning, embracing... despite the outside, it's the inside that matters.
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as said, "you look so young..."
"only on the outside, i'm still the same on the inside...."

in the end of the day, we just have to live life to the fullest everyday. cherish time. cherish moments. cherish the people. for no matter what, we all will go someday.

though there was a part where someone said "you will have to see your love ones go one by one as you're growing younger"...something like that. at first my reaction was like "ohhhh saddd" ..but now thinking bout it it's like...despite whether a not he grows younger/older he has to go as well. i mean really not much difference. people have to go despite whether you're growing younger/older. it's just appearance, he's not immortal or maybe i got that whole part wrong-_-

yes. i know there were metaphors (isit called that?) or symbolic stuffs but let's not go into that okay. just remember to empty your bladder and do not watch it at 12am. cause that's what we did and yes, it just made us realized we are really growing older and can't take late night movies like last time anymore.


  1. even the 1st half of the part quite boring, but i actually find that this movie quite nice thou =P

  2. haahhaah u also watch edy! warao.
    we are the fastfast!! :D