Friday, February 27, 2009

friday night ins

Thank God i have learned that sometimes plans don't work out and that no matter what happens, nothing is suppose to spoil your day or hold any grudge against anyone or anything for that matter.

and that there's always McDonald's.
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shit. 6th day in a row makan ice-cream from McD's. might as well make me as their advertiser for ice-cream lar kns. makan maciam ni. tak nak gemuk pun tak boleh. looks like i just have to run more on the threadmill. dag-nab-it.

brother and girlfriend brainwashed me to play this..i don't know what game is it. hahaha basically building railroads-_- my 1st game was like 63 marks only when a normal person should get an avg. of 100 marks. my 2nd round was 135.


McD makes my brain move a lil :D

and oh, pocky if you read this.
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haha your jr.


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