Saturday, February 28, 2009

A: Fair Weekend

omg. it has been a loooooonnnggg 48 hour weekend.
from housework-flea market-class-seafood-karaoke-movies-shopping and crapping.
missin' my bed loads.
yes more the you :P
don't jealous please. nights yo

okay :D so the post is a lil late but who cares *heh*

woke up saturday morning to an ironing board and a whole mountain of clothes greeting me, "good morning estee!! busy day ahead. we loved to be pampered by the iron. please give it to us."


Thank God my brother went to tarpao McD breakfast just for the sake of using the coupons on their last day. say hello to "angmo roti canai" as my brother's girlfriend, ms.40kg calls it-_-

BUT all that kns feeling was all fast and over with not cause i finished ironing. (although McD breakkie helped a lil) it's cause ms.40kg said the following.

"eh you know arh. today got those flea market where online shops have offline shopping?"

before i even bothered to ask her what shops or where or what shit. i forced my brother to bathe and drive us there.


yes. imma girl who loves shopping but doesn't shop.

or just to get away from ironing.

the place was to me kinda unstrategic, i don't know why. maybe cause you really need to be familiar with the place to find it and it was hot. omg. hot even though there were shades and fans. but since when outdoor shopping isn't hot. someone even said sorry for the weather. my Good man, the weather has nothing to do with you, what's with the apologies?-_- not like weather is gonna stop girls from shopping if they really want to anyway.

not badlar the amount of shops there. though the price can seriously soar from one shop to another. -_- rm50 for a top from one shop but you can get like rm15 for a dress at another shop-_- like miehhhhh. depends lar, what you want or in my case, how kiamsiap hahahaha

my brother was there as a all-in-one "kuli"(slave). nyekekeke. so fun! laughs* with his girlfriend i feel so invincible, like i can bully him and i know i won't get into hot water :D sigh* seriously all my guy friends should get girlfriends then. it would be sooo fun!!! :D:D

habit is to scout all shops before purchasing anything unless you really love it, which thankfully doesn't happen to clothes, only books-_- this particular shop sells all kinds of bags and i tell you. of all stuffs they had the most interesting was this stuff rabbit :D

lagi cute when my brother holds it hahahahahaha i thought it came with the bag! better still if sold seperately...but nooooo "it's not for sale miss" Bleah. can make business don't want-_-!! anyway anyone who wants a 10% lemme know, they were giving out name cards in forms of poker cards with codes as discount :D the nice guy taking care of the store shoved one into my hands so :D yay! 10%
this shop is kinda famous online :D i was like "omg. a shop i recognize." cause i stopped buying online a long time ago when it was too tiring to check so many blogs, running up and down to the bleeping FedEx impatient motorbike sounds (even when i'm shitting) and too many upsetting outcome for my wallet to handle.

the girl who was in charged was soo bubbly and nice-_- i in the end bought a kimono dress. I. FREAKING.BOUGHT.A.KIMONO.DRESS. wherethecupcakes i'm gonna wear it too i don't know. i feel it's a bit old for me-_- but ms.40kg was like "nolarh, where got." actually i bought it cause my brother hates it hahahahahaahahahahaha :D the more he hates, the more i feel like buying it just to annoy him.

ahahah actually what really happened was the dress is rm45. so ms.bubbly girl went, "rm40larh. i give you. if my sister is here. i can't do that." the instant i was checking to see whether i should buy it, the sister came back and straightaway like some shopoholic that can't let go of bargains, "okay! gimme that rm5 discount!"

sometimes i don't understand myself. so now i'm stuck with a kimono dress and i don't know what to do with it-_- well, at least one resolution is on the way. she furthermore proceeded to show us a bag that she had bought from, "so nice right!? rm116!!! ahhhh but sooo niceeee..sigh. i'm here selling stuffs but instead i'm rm116 poorer cause i haven't sold anything!"

"huh. i just bought a dress wor."

"that's my sister's stocks. my stocks are here." she proceeded to open this luggage bag filled with 2nd hand me and ms.40kg started rummaging it to see what we can do to make her feel less poor. hahahaha 2 tops and a skirt for mom. rm25-_-

so rm116-rm25.

er...rm91...okaylarh. laughs. T_T

Image Hosted by
see i told you she's nice. she even helped me decorate my brother and said with enthusiasm, "fastfast!! hahahah niceee wei!"

mieh HAHAHAHA-_-

keng part is my brother damn layan.

i love that shirt!!! hahahah the meaning is er ....hmm* accurate *laughs* din't buy, instead bought a shirt with an owl which...the eyes so ngam are at my boobs...feels so salah hahahahaha-_-'' sigh. have to wear larh. also buy edy. i was actually looking for defects so the fella cut the price-_- poor guy cause it was from rm30 to rm20. thanks. may your business continue to flourish. ERGH* it's true. better buy something you want and regret buying it then to regret not buying it later. i want that shirtttt. darn it. *breathes*

anyway our knight in blue slippers carrying the damage done:D hahahahahha most of it my brother pay wei. ngekekekeke. i only brought like rm20 cause i just wanna buy a shirt (yes. usually i end up buying shirts cause it's practical maarh) but in the end-_- bought 3 tops 1 dress. sigh. bought for my young ones. but still-_-

rushed back home for jap class. i thank God i finished my hwk the other day . rushed for dinner with my bodos at 23 seafood....hahahah should have taken my facial expression when i saw the destination.

"omg. isn't this place expensive and all!?", cause every cny my family eats there and the price isn't exactly friendly -_- 1st time i ordered food without my mom's help. oh Lord. hahahaah worse trying not to be a banana conversation ever and with my kiamsiap touch of, "which one is the cheapest crab/lala?" zhao yam chinese. *Sweats* i miss the rm20 per KG crab place in kepong T_T

then i impromptu forced them for a karaoke at midnight. cause i'm giler like that :D

thanks for layaning *heh*

karaoke room definitely a nice place to sleep *o*

i *almost* whacked pocky for waking me up every 2 minutes or so-_- kns.

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