Monday, February 9, 2009

my lame cousin

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this cousin of mine(on the left) stayed with me for 3 months during her internship. in those 3 months, i realized how LAME she can be. considering she's the quiet type, i did not see any lameness coming to hit me like a tsunami plus it's not like she's forcing it.


and i swear it DOES NOT run in the family.

cause i am sane and normal like that :D

m e i a says in green (go freaking click her blog and you will know why she's lame)
and mine in pink (despite how much pink is not my colour :D)

btw, last few years, i managed to throw oranges at titiwangsa
mana tahu i throw dao a person punya head
nasib i onli write "kajang girl" on the mandarin
...wah u really can wan lor
because i treat the mandarin as a baseball
terslip out from my hand
the mandarin jiu Run thru a guy or a gal. i oso duno
den how u noe?
u heard a scream?
of course la, i see my mandarin kena someone de head
but i juz duno is a guy or a gal
so horrible wei
u gonna throw again tis year?
no more
dun worry
the person ddint dielaaaa
yeah, if nt, Haiz..
hahaah this year you put your camwhore photo and throw la: D
i say not throwinglor....haiz

....see. i told you she tak berapa normal hahaha :D
actually she should have checked, guy or girl. if guy and lengjai okay ma. once hit kena, no need wait for people to pick up the mandarin oranges and etc. silly girl :D
don't know that person will go again a not this year, confirm wear motorcycle helmet hahahahahah

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